Scourby AV Bible on Youtube September 26, 2021 Update:

One of our users had formed an agreement with Litchfield Associates (the copyright owners of the Scourby narration) to upload the audio video Bibles to Youtube. After a few years the channel had become a true sanctuary for God’s people and a light on a hill on Youtube but then out of nowhere Pharaoh’s heart (Litchfield Associate’s) was hardened and they started flexing their copyright muscles, yet again.

Apparently, it was bad for their business – why would people buy “their” app when a better (audio video) version is free on Youtube. It comes down to a company wanting to make money over feeding God’s people His Word.

Of course, believes that God’s Word, however written translated or yes narrated, belongs to God and should ALWAYS be shared freely without restraint.

For now, on this page you can FREELY download the Scourby Audio Video Bible from your computer and whatever manmade “copyright” infringements Pharaoh (Litchfield Associates) 

wants to throw at us we will suffer it.

If you would like to contact Litchfield Associates perhaps you can share with them your feelings and maybe The LORD can use your testimony to soften Pharaoh’s heart and let the Word of God go!

David Aven CEO of Litchfield Associates

Please keep in prayers

Your family in Jesus Christ at