John 3:16 Personalized Card and Bible Brochure

About John 3:16 Personalized Cards:

ALL MIGHTY GOD has the power to love each and every one of His children as if we were the only person in the world. As humans it’s hard to grasp GOD’S ALL MIGHTY power. An incomprehensible power, that enabled Him to have died for each and every one of us individually. A good reminder is: Personalized John 3:16 cards.

The way John 3:16 cards work is you fill in the name of the recipient in the blank area in whatever style you like. We strongly recommend one prays for The LORD to their guide their hand when writing the recipient’s name.

About Bible Brochures:

For many people (Non-Christians and many Christians too) The Bible can be a very intimidating book and sometimes people need to see the FULL picture from afar to create a thirst for the whole book.

This Bible Brochure in particular is very helpful especially for people just beginning Bible study. It gives the reader a very insightful understanding of how the Bible came to be, How God used people to write it, why people need a Savior (Jesus Christ), and of course the overall message of The Bible – Which is about a relationship with Almighty God which He offers Through The LORD Jesus Christ.

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