Bible Brochures

For many people (Non-Christians and many Christians too) The Bible can be a very intimidating book and sometimes people need to see the FULL picture from afar to create a thirst for the whole book. God definitely uses Bible Brochures to create a thirst for His entire Word (The Bible) which draws His Children to Himself (John 6:44).

My Personal Testimony:

The LORD Jesus Christ spent a lot of years drawing me to Him. I knew the Bible was a good book based on the fact that people who I knew to be good trustworthy people said it had “all the answers” but I couldn’t understand it for myself. I would have brief “come to Jesus periods” where I would walk into a church and embrace the kind people and try to study the Bible on my own. I would always start in Genesis, read a few chapters then get so intimidated by it’s size and quit and then fall back into the world and my worldly ways.

I continued this through my twenties until I really messed up and found myself in the county jail. I had never been to jail before and was pretty shell-shocked. I was tough on the outside but deathly afraid on the inside. In booking, I was placed in a holding area where I talked with another inmate who freely shared why he was there and I was shocked by the nature of his crime. So shocked I asked a guard if I could be put in an isolated cell and thankfully my request was granted because I did have special medical needs stemming from a tough chemotherapy I had to endure as a child.

At the time it didn’t seem like a Divine Hand was guided anything concerning me, but as I reflect back on it now many years later I see what God was doing. He was drawing me to Him (John 6:44).

While languishing in jail awaiting trial (which I was sentenced to probation), I went to the jail library and checked out a Bible. When getting back to my cell I started reading a brief 4 page “Bible Summary” that was printed in the preface of that Bible. In short, it basically explained what the purpose of the Bible was in a way I could so very much understand. God used that brief “Bible Summary” to create a thirst for His Word that has never been quench. After my release I started many ministries centering on the importance of knowing The Love of The True Biblical Jesus Christ, and this can only be accomplished through Bible study.

In the fast paced, technological world and times we live in – humankind’s attention span is getting shorter and shorter. So much eternally-useless knowledge is being forced into humankind’s God given brains – replacing the saving knowledge of a relationship with Jesus Christ through Bible study. I have a lot of faith that God will use these Bible Brochures, to break through all the worldly confusion, and guide at least one of His lost sheep home through an unquenchable thirst for His entire Word (The Bible).

Seeing a glimpse of the whole beautiful portrait will make an art lover want to get closer and closer to the picture. The art lover will want to examine each stroke. Most important it will make the art lover want to know the artist.

In the same manner God uses Bible Brochures/Summaries to create a thirst for His Whole Word (The Bible). Seeing a glimpse of God’s Divine plan will give His Children an unquenchable thirst for His Word (The Bible), as He draws them to Himself in Spirit and in Truth.

May Bless You With An Unquenchable Thirst For His Word.

Your Family in Jesus Christ,

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