A Strong Testimony of How Important A Personalized John 3:16 Card Can Be:

Many years ago my reckless lifestyle had finally landed me in a police station. As the officer was padding me down and searching through my belongings he looked through my wallet and as he was sorting through my id and credit cards he stop for a second and looked at one in particular. It was the personalized John 3:16 card my Mother had given me years earlier. I began to tear up and feel so strongly that I wanted to change my ways and live for Christ. This was one of many things The Lord used to bring me to Him.

When my Mother first gave me the personalized John 3:16 card I had just tucked it in my wallet and forgot about it. During that time I definitely wasn’t living a holy lifestyle. Never read The Bible, didn’t attend church and wasn’t walking with the Lord Jesus.

So even if someone you know and love isn’t yet walking The Lord Jesus, it is still important to give them a personalized John 3:16 card.

God will use it in His Good timing.