The Bible: GOD'S Letter To Humankind
From: The Creator (Almighty GOD)
To: The Created (Human Beings)

GOD Creating And Preserving HIS Letter For You Today:

For approximately a 1,500 year period GOD worked through over 35 different authors from all walks of life to present HIS Letter to us which is known to us today as The Bible. This Letter comes in various forms of writing such as; historical narratives, poems, epistles and more. The Letter ends through the Apostle John in The book of Revelation in approximately 95 AD. While GOD inspired scripture ended with the book of Revelation, GOD has been continually working through the hearts of humankind for the last 2000 years to make HIS story accessible in over 2,000 languages and has even provided us with helpful methods to keep HIS Word in remembrance by chapter and verse. GOD has also worked through Holy Spirit led councils to bring forth the exact revelation of HIMSELF in 66 Books: Genesis through Revelation, nothing more nothing less. GOD has assured us that we can trust in The Bible and warns us of how dangerous it is to stray elsewhere for HIS inspired Revelation. It’s ALL here!

The Purpose Of GOD'S Letter, The Obstacle And The Ultimate Plan:

GOD begins this Letter by giving humankind a brief account of creation but quickly shifts back the focus on the main issue which is humankind’s (the created’s) relationship with The One True Almighty GOD (The Creator). However there is an obstacle in establishing this relationship. The obstacle is Satan who is trying to prevent that relationship from happening but GOD from the beginning had a plan to defeat this obstacle and render him un-effective. GOD’S plan is to choose a certain group of people in a certain part of the world in which HE would use as an instrument to bring all HIS people from every part of the world to HIMSELF in Spirit and in Truth. It was through these instrumental people that GOD would come as a human being, HIS only begotten Son (Jesus Christ) and walk among HIS creation as both GOD and man.

In Working Through These People, The People Before HIS Incarnation (Old Testament) And After HIS Incarnation (New Testament), GOD Has Made Many Things Clear To All People In Any Point Of History.
All Humankind Has Gone Astray And Is In Need Of A Savior:

In HIS Letter to humankind (The Bible) GOD makes it clear that everyone is in need of The Savior (Jesus Christ). To make this very clear GOD created a standard that was made to shatter humankind’s self righteous sinful nature and show them that despite how “good” of a person one may feel he or her is, they (like every other human being) have gone astray and have followed the ways of Satan and are deserving of GOD’S wrath and HIS punishment. GOD makes this clear for a very important purpose which is to pave the way for The Savior (Jesus Christ). GOD knows that only when humankind recognizes their condition (being dead in sin) can they truly repent and abide in Jesus Christ as LORD and Savior and become Born Again of The Holy Spirit. Only when GOD, The Holy Spirit is working through a person can they please GOD on earth. ALL Glory belongs to GOD and no glory belongs to humankind.

One Savior And One Way:

In HIS Letter to humankind (The Bible) GOD makes it clear that there is only One Savior and One Way to restore humankind’s relationship with HIM and that is through repentance and faith in Jesus Christ as LORD and Savior.

In HIS Letter to humankind (The Bible) GOD declares HE is Love and HE is Just and therefore sin cannot go unpunished or HE would be unjust because HIS wages of sin is death so there has to be a payment and the only payment accepted is the shed blood of Jesus Christ through HIS finished, resurrected work on the cross.

Satan’s Purpose:

In HIS Letter to humankind (The Bible) GOD makes it clear that Satan has a plan. He has come to steal, kill and destroy. By blinding people into NOT abiding in Jesus Christ as LORD and Savior, Satan steals their soul, kills their relationship with GOD, and destroys GOD Plan for their salvation. Anything Satan can do to blind one into not abiding in Jesus Christ as LORD and Savior (In His Full Deity) Satan will do.

One of Satan’s best tools is actually religion. Satan has blinded many sincere followers of various world religions into robbing the Deity (or LORDSHIP) of Jesus Christ to just being a mere prophet, or only “a god” or an arch angel, or merely a wise man and good teacher however GOD makes it clear that this is blasphemy of The Holy Spirit Who comes to testify to Jesus as Christ, LORD, and Savior.

A Spiritual War:

In HIS Letter to humankind (The Bible) GOD makes it clear that there are two driving forces beyond our human senses of touch, taste, sound, sight, and smell. There is a spiritual realm in where The Holy Spirit of GOD, Who testifies to The LORD Jesus Christ, is battling with the spirits of the prince of the world (Satan). That indeed, every person is either following GOD, or they are following Satan and for any human being to say; “I’m my own person” is foolishness.

The Sheep And The Goats:

In HIS Letter to humankind (The Bible) GOD also makes it very clear that despite humankind’s efforts to classify themselves in various categories such as: Financial status, political beliefs, race, color, worldly talents, nationality, age, popularity, religious beliefs, etc, etc, there in fact are only two categories in the sight of GOD:

Category 1: Those who have taken up their cross, trusted in Jesus Christ as LORD and Savior in sincere repentance by turning from their sins and to GOD enabling them to become been Born Again of The Holy Spirit of Truth Who guides them on earth and testifies to Jesus Christ as LORD and Savior.

Category 2: Those who follow the gods of this world (Satan), who refuse to repent and turn from their sins and will have to account for their own sins including the unforgivable sin of blaspheming The Holy Spirit in rejecting The Author of Life which is Jesus Christ, and therefore will be cast into the eternal lake of fire.

Sometimes It’s Helpful To Take A Theological Step Back And Look At The Bible From 3 Main Areas:

GOD’S relationship with humankind.

Satan’s attempt to destroy that relationship (sin leading to death).

GOD defeating sin and death in Jesus Christ.

For now, God’s children await patiently for the gathering in of the rest of our family in Christ into the Kingdom, eagerly longing to be with our Heavenly Father, in a perfect place where time, pain, suffering and death will be no more!

 Come LORD JESUS, Come…