Regarding “Copyrights” of The Free AV Bible Videos

When started making the Audio Video Bible’s years ago, we sincerely believed that the various narration and translation companies would be pleased. We started with a naive assumption that all narration and translation companies were other Christian ministries whom, by God’s Grace, just wanted to help others understand and comprehend The Word of God (The Bible). We didn’t think of copyrights when it came to sharing The Very Word of God freely. We thought the goal of any Christian translation or narration company was to help others know Jesus Christ, as naive as that may sound… it’s true.

In this, through many cease and desist letters/emails from various narration and translation companies, we discovered this also a business more than a ministry for some and offering certain translations and narrations upgraded with audio + video freely, will cost them money.  

As far as is concerned we would like the videos to be shared as freely as God, The Holy Spirit Wills, however we are a land of laws and want to acknowledge and respect the translation and narration companies wishes as well.

Below are links to each narration/translation company.

Please contact them in regards to sharing the videos and let us all keep praying for God’s Word, however translated, narrated or video presented, to be set free from the chains of man-made copyrights.

LORD Willing, May God Bless you with an unquenchable thirst for our Heavenly Father’s Holy Word (The Bible).

Your Family in Jesus Christ,

Links to each narration/translation company.